Scientifically Mastered Biotech<br />Tubing. Engineer Approved.
Scientifically Mastered Biotech
Tubing. Engineer Approved.

Pharmaceutical Grade Tubing<br />That you can Count on
Pharmaceutical Grade Tubing
That you can Count on

The Highest Quality, Most<br />Affordable Surgical Grade Tubing
The Highest Quality, Most
Affordable Surgical Grade Tubing

Food & Beverage Tubing<br />That Does not Affect Taste
Food & Beverage Tubing
That Does not Affect Taste

Laboratory Grade Tubing That<br />Meets Your Rigorous Demands
Laboratory Grade Tubing That
Meets Your Rigorous Demands

Silicone Tubing, Plastic Tubing, Rubber Tubing and Other Fluid Transfer Products

Since 1986, Sanitary Process Solutions (SPS) has supplied high quality silicone tubing, plastic tubing, rubber tubing, and Teflon tubing and hoses at affordable pricing to many of the worlds biggest brands.

Our silicone tubes, plastic tubes, rubber tubes, Teflon tubes and Teflon hoses come reinforced, corrugated and convoluted with custom extrusions, fabrications and assemblies available to meet any needs.

We also offer several polymer tubes for a variety of application specific needs. Our tubing products are most popular in the Food & Beverage industries, Surgical industry, Biotech and Research industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic industry and Dairy industry.

Many of our silicone tubes, plastic tubes, rubber tubes, Teflon tubes and Teflon hoses  meet or exceed USDA, FDA, 3A and USP XXIII Class VI standards and all are batch traceable to ensure the highest quality. It is our goal to provide tubing and hoses that demonstrate the highest physical performance characteristics at prices that won't break your budget.