Biotech Tubing

Biotech Tubing That is Reliable, Durable, Affordable, and Approved by 4 out of 5 Engineers

Our high grade biotech tubing is not only 3A, FDA and USDA approved, it is guaranteed to withstand the toughest conditions and perform without flaw. At SPS, our commitment is to provide the highest quality grade products which includes hoses, fittings, gaskets and more. Find out why so many biotech firms have trusted us with their tubing and hose needs.

A few of our Biotech Customers

  • Cangene
  • Eliance Biotech
  • Genzyme
  • Biospectra
  • Boehringer Ingleheim
  • Ben Venue Labs
  • Biovail
  • Avecia Biologics
  • Bioport