The Perfect Surface Hygienic Seal System

The Anatomy Of A Failed Hygienic Seal

Perfect Surface Hygienic Seal

Perfect Surface Hygienic Seal Benefits:
  • Lower bacteria counts.
  • Maintains/enhances product integrity.
  • Insures that gasket I.D. matches pipe I.D.
  • Passes US Pharmacopeia Class VI certification.
  • Passes cytotoxicity criteria.
  • Complies with Title 21 CFR 177.2600.
  • Complies with USDA and 3-A sanitary standards.
  • Conforms to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • Manufactured with Animal Derived Ingredient Free elastomers.
  • Metal Detectable elastomers available.
Torque Rite® Features:
  • An audible “click” indicating correct inch/pounds force.
  • Maintains constant 30 or 50 inch/pounds force.
  • Manual override feature.
  • Retrofits all sanitary clamps, mini through 6".
  • Works in rupture disk applications.
  • Works with all Smart Gasket® products including spore trap, thermocouple and sampler.
  • No torque wrench or special training required.

Note: All elastomeric hygienic seals require periodic replacement.

Note: Hygienic seal life is influenced by the seal material, product application, temperature, cleaning procedures, etc. After monitoring seal condition in a process system, a schedule should be developed for periodic replacement of hygienic seals.