Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing

Superior Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Platinum Cured Silicone Products

Reinforced and non-reinforced silicone tubing and stoppers.

As a leading, worldwide supplier of Biomedical/Pharmaceutical grade platinum-cured silicone products, dedicated to satisfying your product, quality, service and cost requirements. Applying proprietary manufacturing processes to Dow Corning Silastic®, Wacker Silicones Corporation, General Electric Company, or Nusil Technology materials, our platinum-cured product line demonstrating superior physical performance characteristics without the risk of peroxide or leachable contamination. Their unique relationship with Dow Corning Corporation through their select MFN (Medical Fabricator Network), along with their close technical ties to Wacker Silicones Corporation, USA, Wacker-Chemie GmbH (Europe), General Electric Company and NuSil Technologies allow them to offer you a consistently reliable supply of your choice of materials. The product line is manufactured with silicone materials that meet USP Class VI-XXIII biocompatiblity requirements.  The manufacturing buildings are dedicated solely to Biomedical/Pharmaceutical products and devices. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, equipment and quality assurance systems, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in accordance with the Quality System Regulation. Our facility has been certified to meet ISO 9001/ EN 46001 quality standards.

Explore the Advantages

Whether your speciality area of expertise is engineering, purchasing, or quality/regulatory, you will benefit from exploring the many advantages of doing business with SPS. Our experience, technical know-how and commitment to quality and service will prove us to be your most reliable and economical source of Biomedical/Pharmaceutical grade platinum-cured silicone products.

Platinum Cured Silicone Elastomers:
Silicone tubing being used in a laboratory.
  • Choice of Dow Corning Siltastic
  • Wacker
  • General Electric
  • NuSil
Benefits of SPS silicone tubing include:
  • Reliable and consistant supply
  • Lot traceability
  • Material certification
  • Competitive pricing
  • State-of-the art facilities
Products include:
  • Biomedical/pharmaceutical grade carboy tops
  • Extended line of reinforced silicone tubing
  • Extended line of sanitary clamp gaskets
  • Tubing asemblies
  • Unitized ends
  • Implantable tubing
  • Wire reinforced tubing