PVC Tubing Selection Guide

PVC Tubing Selection Guide

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Sterilization of FLEX Brand Tubing Products

  • ClearFLEX 60, ClearFLEX 70 can be sterilized by autoclaving, gas or chemical methods.
  • BraidFLEX can be sterilized by gas or chemical methods.
  • PURFLEX 75 and 85 can be sterilized by gas.
  • PolyFLEX 50 can be sterilized by chemical methods.

Sterilization Methods


(121 °C, 15 psig for 20 minutes) - Clean and rinse tubing with distilled water before autoclaving. Certain chemicals which have no appreciable effect on resins at room temperature may cause deterioration at autoclaving temperatures unless removed with distilled water beforehand.


Ethylene oxide formaldehyde.


Benzalkonium chloride, formalin, ethanol, etc.