• Kynar is the ultimate fluid handling system
  • Ideal choice for flow processing applications including U.S.P. and W.F.I. quality water for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as 18 megohm water for the semiconductor industries
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compatible with other sanitary systems
  • Total system availability
  • Superior corrosion and chemical resistance


Tubing and fittings shall be virgin, high strength, natural unpigmented Kynar Polyvinylidene Fluoride homopolymer. Materials shall meet or exceed FDA 21 CFR 177.1520, USDA, 3-A and USP class VI as supplied by SPS.

Tubing and fitting dimensions shall conform to sanitary tubing inside diameter dimensions as indicated below.

Kynar (PVDF) Sizing Table
Nominal Size Inner Diameter
Inches mm
 3/4" Mini 0.560 14.2
1" Maxi 0.856 21.7
1 1/2" 1.356 34.4
2" 1.856 47.1
2 1/2" 2.356 59.8
3" 2.856 72.5

Joining Techniques

All tubing and fittings shall be joined utilizing sanitary Tri-Clamp style ferrules or Smooth technology. Socket or butt fusion joining methods, which create an internal entrapment area, will not be accepted.

Sanitary ferrules shall be supplied as factory molded ends or field formed using SPS systems STFF Flange forming tools according to factory procedures and guidelines. All joints shall utilize a PVDF True Union Clamp and gasket assembly per factory specifications. High purity platinum cured silicone gaskets shall be the gasket material of choice unless prohibitive by media compatibility issues.

Fusion joints shall be performed using Smooth equipment and technology. Factory personnel shall train installers and all installation practices shall be in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Valves and Control Devices

All valves and control devices shall be unpigmented Polyvinylidene Fluoride meeting the same standards as the tubing and fittings and supplied by the same manufacturer in order to ensure pure process compatibility with all components. All valves and devices will be supplied with either sanitary Tri-clamp style ends or plain ends prepared for Smooth fusion welding.