Flame and Smoke Characteristics

Burning Studies

Testing KYNAR homopolymer resins in accordance with ASTM D2863 indicates that it has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 43, that is, a 43% oxygen environment is needed for the polymer to continue to burn. Underwriters Laboratories gives KYNAR homopolymer resins and KYNAR FLEX copolymer resins a vertical burn rating of 94-V-O. Sheets of metal coated with KYNAR resin exhibit zero flame spread when tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 tunnel test. KYNAR PVDF resins have been tested and found to meet many standards that other polymers cannot meet. As shown in Figures 7 and 8, KYNAR PVDF homopolymer piping, tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories Canada (U.L.C.) S102.2M88 meets the flame and smoke criteria with a zero flame spread and 45 smoke generation. This earned a favorable listing in the U.L.C. Building Materials Directory to standard method of test for surface burning characteristics of flooring, floor covering, and miscellaneous material and assemblies.

KYNAR and KYNAR FLEX resins meet or exceed the requirements for U.L.910 (modified Steiner Tunnel test for wire and cable). As shown in Table IX, a formulation of KYNAR FLEX resin has been tested in accordance with ASTM E-84, and has earned a rating of zero for flame spread and zero for smoke generation (0/0 rating). The same resin has been tested and found in accordance with U.L. test No. 2024, a test designed for products to be used in plenum raceways. Other flame and smoke testing exists. Please contact us for further information related to specific requirements.

Flame spread results for pipe made with Kynar resins.

Smoke development results for pipe made with Kynar resins.