7823 Polypropylene

7823 Polypropylene tensile stress vs. tensile strain (50.8mm/min test speed).

7823 Polypropylene tensile stress vs. tensile strain (2 in/min test speed).

7823 Fractional Melt Flow PP Copolymer with High Extrudate Strength

Pro-fax 7823 fractional melt flow polypropylene copolymer resin is designed for extrusion applications requiring high melt strength and excellent toughness. This resin is available in pellet form.

Pro-fax 7823 resin meets FDA requirements in the Code of Federal Regulations in 21 CFR 177.1520 for all food contact, including cooking applications.

Pro-fax 7823 resin has passed USP Class VI testing. It has a UL yellow card RTI of 115 °C and a flame rating of UL94HB; these apply to all colors at a minimum thickness of 0.040 inches. All ingredients meet the chemical registration requirements ofTSCA (U.S.) andDSL (Canada).

  • High extrudate melt strength
  • Good cold impact resistance
  • Good stiffness/impact balance
Typical Applications:
  • Pipe
  • Tubing
  • Sheet
  • Profiles
  • Netting
  • Blown containers and industrial components

7823 polypropylene resin properties chart.

(a)The property values shown are measured, where applicable, on injection molded test specimens. They are based on a limited number of tests and, therefore, should not be construed as product specifications. These values may shift slightly as additional data are accumulated.

* Issued: 8 / 98

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