Convoluted Tube Designs

Open Pitch Convoluted Tube

Open Pitch Convoluted

Thick tube, helically convoluted Teflon ® TFE inner core with corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel, PVDF (Kynar®) or polypropylene braid reinforcements. Designed specifically to be the ultimate transfer hose; Flexible Components "Flare-Thru" design extends tube through the fittings, eliminating contact of transferred materials with any metallic surface. This feature maximizes flow rates and assures absolute cleanability. Fully vacuum rated. "Flared-Thru" fitting options include: flanged, cam and groove and sanitary designs. Can be assembled with any number of standard crimp fitting designs. Sizes 1/2 inch to 4 inch I.D. Temperature rated: -100° F to +450° F.

Polypropylene Braid Teflon PTFE Convoluted Open Pitch Tube

Polypropylene Braid Teflon® PTFE Convoluted Open Pitch Tube

(UV) stabilized polypropylene braid material offers good chemical resistance Tightly woven to resist abrasion better than stainless steel reinforcements. Lightweight with minimum force-to-bend making easy to carry connect/ disconnect white inner core, anti-static inner core. Available with over 36 types of316L stainless steel crimp style fittings, or "Flare-Thru fitting system. Temperature rated: -40° F to +250° F.

PVDF (Kynar) Braid Teflon TFE Convoluted Open Pitch Tube

PVDF (Kynar®) Braid Teflon® TFE Convoluted Open Pitch Tube

Hose is designed for use in severe applications where external corrosion from the presence of strong acids and hostile environments will attack standard SS braid. The monofilament PVDF (Kynar®) braid reinforcement may be use in services such as liquid chlorine or bromine transfer. Available with 36 types of 316L stainless steel "Crimp Style" fittings or "Flare-Thru" fitting system.
Temperature rated: -40° F +275° F.

Unbraided Open Pitch Tube Teflon TFE Convoluted Spiral Tube

Unbraided Open Pitch Tube Teflon® TFE Convoluted Spiral Tube

Thick Teflon ® TFE tube construction designed with rounded, helical shape, open-spaced convolutions. This hose can be bent to a tight radius, has excellent damage resistance and vacuum capability. Application proven pure transfer; absolutely cleans easily. This hose can be cuff-sized for tubing or pipe. Can be flared through flanged ends or coupled with over 36 fitting style options. Size range: 1/4 inch to 4 inch I.D. Anti-static conductive version is available. Temperature rated: -100° F to+450° F.

Chlorine-Bromine Hose Teflon TFE Convoluted Tube

Chlorine/Bromine Hose Teflon® TFE Convoluted Tube

The ultimate chlor-alkalai transfer hose. Every component of this design specifically engineered to offer safe, dependable service in chlorine or bromine transfer. Designed to exceed Chlorine Institute, Inc. specification Hose is constructed using convoluted Teflon ® TFE tube, two PVDF (Kynar) pressure braid reinforcements, schedule 80 Monel fittings and a third abrasion resistant PVDF (Kynar) cover. Out performs Monel inner core hoses. Sizes 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch I.D.'s. Available with Monel male NPT or 300 Ib. ANSI flanged connections.