Quality Control

100% Pressure Test

Every assembly order is tested with nitrogen gas under water. Other types of tests, including hydrostatic, air under water or helium under water, may be specified.

Pressure Testing

Each and every hose is pneumatically or hydrostatically pressure tested in accordance with ANSI requirements to insure against leakage when placed in service. Other types of testing, including nitrogen underwater or helium under water, may be specified.


Work orders direct every phase of assembly and testing. All operations are individually signed off and retained with the master copy.

Teflon Products - Quality Control

Periodic Burst Testing

Various fittings and different size hoses are periodically burst tested to verify:

  • Minimum burst pressure exceeds all catalog ratings.
  • Fitting retention at high pressures.
  • That the assembly ruptures in the hose rather than caused by the fitting design or assembly.

Teflon Products - Quality Control

Hose Length Measurements

Hose assemblies are generally measured from end to end. The exceptions to this practice are illustrated here. J.I.C. Female, Female cam and groove and Female bevel seat fittings are measured lengthwise from the sealing surface of the fitting.

Teflon Products - Quality Control

Length Tolerance

1/4" (0.250") on assemblies to 24" OAL.

1/2" (0.500") on assemblies to 25"-60"OAL

1% on assemblies over 60"OAL

Teflon Products - Quality Control