Smooth Tube Designs

Stainless Steel Braided Smooth Tube Hose

SS Braided Smooth Tube Hose

White or anti-static black available 1/8 inch I.D. to 1 1/2 inch I.D. Full I.D. sizes! High pressure rated. The most flexible hose of its type. Fittings: 316L stainless steel standard; other materials also available; over 36 fitting styles stocked. Temperature rated: -100° to +500° F.

Silicone Covered Stainless Steel Smooth Tube Hose

Silicone Covered SS Smooth Tube Hose

Pure extruded platinum cured silicone cover over stainless steel braided smooth Teflon ® white TFE tube. Stock sizes 1/4 inch to 1 inch. The extruded cover is "locked" onto the stainless steel braid, producing an ultra smooth, easily cleaned exterior finish. Temperature rated -100° to +500° F

High Pressure Stainless Steel Braided Hose

High Pressure SS Braided Hose

High pressure (5000 psi) rated hose. Teflon ® TFE inner core is anti-static black. High tensile, densely packed braid reinforcements. Type 316 stainless steel fittings. Temperature rated: -65° F to +400° F.

Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose

Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose

RT Series hose is constructed using a smooth tube of Teflon ® fluoropolymer liner featuring a rugged rubber hose construction. Designed with an EPDM rubber cover for rough handling and flexibility even in large sizes. The most flexible smooth tube fluoropolymer construction for size 1/2 inch I.D. and up! Can safely handle the purest materials to the harshest chemicals. Over 36 styles of crimped on fittings. The fluoropolymer tube can be extended through the fitting for a zero entrapment "Flare-Thru" design... flanged, cam and groove and sanitary fittings. Sizes 1/2 inch to 4 inch I.D. Temperature rated: -40° F to +350° F.

Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose RTB Anti-Static Version of RT

Rubber Covered Fluoropolymer Hose RTB Anti-Static Version of RT

Hose features a fully conductive Teflon ® TFE smooth liner with EPDM rubber cover. Currently stocked in sizes of 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch I.D. Complies with industry standards such as ISO 8031, DIN 2823 and BS 2050-1978. Temperature rated: -40° to +350° F.

Fluoropolymer Lined Stainless Steel Hose

Fluoropolymer Lined Stainless Steel Hose

A dual containment hose... the performance of Teflon ® fluoropolymer liner designed within the ruggedness of a metallic outer hose. Non-contaminating transfer of material through an absolutely smooth interior. The Teflon ® fluoropolymer liner is extended through the fittings to produce smooth, zero-entrapment, easily cleaned "Flare-Thru" design. Available: 1 inch through 8 inch I.D.! Flanged, cam and groove and sanitary fitting configurations available. Temperature rated: -100° F to +350° F.

Stainless Steel Jacketed Hose for Heating & Cooling

SS Jacketed Hose for Heating & Cooling

A "Hose within a Hose" featuring 3 different "Flare-Thru" options (flanged, female cam and groove and sanitary) that provide easy connection with existing piping systems. Ensures an ultra pure and corrosion resistant connection with FDA approved Teflon ® fluoropolymer liner. Inlet and outlet connections for the heating/cooling media may be custom tailored to individual requirements. No pressure drop, same I.D. through hose and fitting Temperature rated: -100° F to +350° F.

Teflon FEP Tube with Sight Gauges

Sight Tube / Sight Gauges Teflon® FEP Tube

Safe, unbreakable Teflon ® FEP fluoropolymer tube permits visual inspection of conveyed material. High and low temperature rated. Will not age or yellow. Size range 1/2" through 4" I.D. Optional SS "Cage" for higher temperatures/pressures. Temperature rated: -100° F to +400° F.

Stainless Steel Braided Convoluted Hose

SS Braided Convoluted Hose

All-purpose, extremely flexible Teflon ® fluoropolymer hose. Manufactured with a low profile helically shaped convolution self-cleaning design. White tube, anti-static black tube. High tensile 304 stainless steel braid reinforcement means high pressure rating, safe operation. Sizes 3/8 inch to 2 inch I.D. Can be coupled with over 36 standard fitting options including Teflon ® PEA encapsulated designs. Temperature rated: -100° to +400° F. Non-conductive polypropylene (blue) braid available 1/2 inches to 1 inch I.D. Temperature rated: -40° F to + 250° F.

Extruded Silicone Covered Hose

Extruded Silicone Covered Hose

Silicone covered hose maintains temperature and pressure ratings. Durable, extremely flexible, and extremely smooth exterior cover makes cleaning easy, no place for bacteria to hide. Crimp-collar design assures hose pressure rating to rated operating pressure. "Locked-On" extruded cover fits tightly to the SS braid to decrease any bulges, creases. Tear resistance is improved due to the tight fit. Temperature rated -40° F to +400° F.