Teflon Hose Chemical Resistance Data

Chemical Resistance Ratings of Hose Products in 362 Environments

The ratings in the charts are based on the results of both laboratory and field tests. They reflect the relative capabilities of various Chemfluor fluoropolymer resins to withstand specific chemicals. Certain corrosives that would be destructive to the tubing with prolonged exposure can be satisfactorily handled for short periods of time if flushed with water after use. All ratings are based on room temperature. Chemical resistance would be reduced at elevated room temperatures. Although we believe these ratings to be thoroughly reliable, no guarantee is expressed or should be implied. It is suggested that the use conduct tests using conditions of the application prior to specifying a particular hose.

28 Day Immersions at 73 degrees F

Teflon chemical resistance data table 1.
Teflon chemical resistance data table 2.
Teflon chemical resistance data table 3.