Convoluted Black Conductive PTFE Hose with Stainless Steel Braided Cover (CTLPB)

Convoluted Black Conductive PTFE Hose with Stainless Steel Braided Cover (CTLPB)

Convoluted Low-Profile Black Conductive PTFE Hose with Braided Stainless Steel Cover.


Seamless Black Conductive Convoluted PTFE


Braided Stainless Steel


-20°F to 350°F


This convoluted hose has a number of benefits over the competition. Low convolutions enable smoother, lower resistance product flow and trap less contaninants making cleaning easier. It can also be cleaned using an autoclave. This hose is not affected by vibrations and flexing as long as used in accordance with minimum bend radius specifications. It also has a tighter bend radius compared to similar smooth bore hoses. The hose is reinforced with a 316 SS outer cover.

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These hoses are ideal for a number of applications including food & beverage processing, corn processing, flavors, chemical and pharmaceutical processing, and even low pressure steam applications.

Hose Fittings

A number of different types of fittings are available including 316L Stainless Steel, electropoloshed staimless steel, and fittings encapsulated in PTFE or other non-metallic materials. Crimped fittings are available in a number of high quality alloys. Laser etching is available on crimp collars to make identification of dates and part numbers easier.

Hose Certifications:
  • 3A Sanitary
  • USP Class VI
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.1550
CTLPB Hose Sizing Table
Part No. Hose ID Inch Hose OD Inch Bend Radius Inch Max. Working Pressure @70°F  PSIG Vacuum Rating @ 70°F  In. Hg. Weight per FT
08RFCTLPB 0.47 0.75 2 1425 FULL .20
12RFCLTPB 0.72 1.05 2.8 1300 FULL .30
16RFCTLPB 0.97 1.35 4 1100 FULL .48
24RFCTLPB 1.54 2.03 6 700 FULL .82
32RFCTLPB 1.97 2.46 7.5 525 FULL 1.12
48RFCTLPB 2.91 3.70 14 350 FULL 1.26
64RFCTLPB 3.94 5.00 16 275 FULL 2.64
Download Sizing Table: