C-Grip Amber Carboy

C-Grip Amber Carboy with large handles and wide-mouth opening.

Our C-Grip Amber Carboy has all the same features and benefits as our C-Grip Polypropylene Carboy and is available in Amber HDPE, or Dark Amber Polypropylene.

The C-Grip Amber Carboy features large easy to grab top and bottom handles for easy fluid transfer and handling. 20L and 40L carboys feature a large 120mm mouth that allows for easy fluid transfer and cleaning. FlexiCap technology allows for a large number of interchangeable top connections and FlexiBarb technology provides the oportunity to attach a number of different spigots. Large metric graduation marks with an accuracy of ±5% make filling to a specified quantity easy.

The unique rectangular shape of our carboys allow for easy stacking and storing saving valuable floor and/or shelf space.

The C-Grip Amber Carboy is available in HDPE and polypropylene. The C-Grip Dark Amber Polypropylene Carboy is made from a hard, opaque material that offers good chemical resistance and heat stability. Amber polypropylene carboys can be autoclaved.


  • Unique rectangular shape maximizes bench and shelf space
  • Bottom handles provide a secure grip while transporting and handling
  • Advanced ergonomic design with large top handles for a full hand grip
  • Large clear molded carboy identification marks
  • Large clear graduation marks with ±5% accuracy
  • Autoclavable spigot and FlexiBarb technology
  • FlexiCap technology with versatile adapters and replaceable gasket
  • C-Grip body design allows for maximum solution recovery
  • C-Grip wide-mouth shape for easy filling and cleaning

ISO 9001
ISO 13485
Made in the USA.

C-Grip Amber Carboy Product Table
Product # Description Capacity (L) Material Spigot Cap Size Qty/Pack
TBL-15K-0111 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 2.5L, FlexiCap 83B 2.5 HDPE No 83B 1
TBL-15K-1111 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 5L, FlexiCap 83B 5 HDPE No 83B 1
TBL-15K-1211 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 5L, Spigot, FlexiCap 83B 5 HDPE Yes 83B 1
TBL-15K-2111 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 10L, FlexiCap 83B 10 HDPE No 83B 1
TBL-15K-2211 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 10L, Spigot, FlexiCap 83B 10 HDPE Yes 83B 1
TBL-15K-3121 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 20L, FlexiCap 120 20 HDPE No 120 1
TBL-15K-3221 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 10L, Spigot, FlexiCap 120 20 HDPE Yes 120 1
TBL-15K-5121 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 40L, FlexiCap 120 40 HDPE No 120 1
TBL-15K-5221 Carboy, Amber HDPE, 40L, Spigot, FlexiCap 120 40 HDPE Yes 120 1
TBL-15N-0111 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 2.5L, FlexiCap 83B 2.5 PP No 83B 1
TBL-15N-1111 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 5L, FlexiCap 83B 5 PP No 83B 1
TBL-15N-1211 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 5L, Spigot, FlexiCap 83B 5 PP Yes 83B 1
TBL-15N-2111 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 10L, FlexiCap 83B 10 PP No 83B 1
TBL-15N-2211 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 10L, Spigot, FlexiCap 83B 10 PP Yes 83B 1
TBL-15N-3121 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 20L, FlexiCap 120 20 PP No 120 1
TBL-15N-3221 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 10L, Spigot, FlexiCap 120 20 PP Yes 120 1
TBL-15N-5121 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 40L, FlexiCap 120 40 PP No 120 1
TBL-15N-5221 Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 40L, Spigot, FlexiCap 120 40 PP Yes 120 1
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