Wire Reinforced PVC Hose (PVW)

Wire reinforced PVC hose.

Wire reinforced PVC hose (PVW) from SPS Canada is 3A, USDA and FDA CR 21 approved and is used in a wide variety of applications including food and beverage transfer, dairy transfer, laboratory and surgical settings and with peristaltic pumps. Because it is FDA approved, our reinforced PVC hose does not impart on odor or taste and is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and alkaline resistant.

Wire reinforced PVC hose from SPS is available with a variety on connections including sanitary, unitized non-metallic fittings, stainless steel fittings/adapters, non-metallic fittings/adapters and/or radially-crimped connections and can be purchased in bulk or fabricated assemblies.

  • Transparent
  • Clear PVC with steel wire helix reinforcement
  • -30°F to 175°F
Sizing Table: 
Wire reinforced PVC hose.
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