Screen and Orifice Plate Gaskets

Screen and Orifice Plate Gaskets

SPS offers parts to fit Cherry Burrell®, Evergreen® and International Paper® Equipment. Parts that provide equal or better design with material features that meet the evolving demands in a progressive industry. Our products service higher temperatures, provide unique screen meshes and perforated plate openings. We can also design filler replacement products that are specifically tailored to your specific applications.

Screens and Orifice Plates

SPS supplies Screen Gaskets with rubber bonded to a 316L stainless steel screen, and Perforated Plate Gaskets with rubber bonded to a 316L stainless steel plate. We stock the standard sizes and dimensions as the OEM supplies including 5905141, 5904179, 5904180, and 5905060. 

Custom screen and gasket products include optional polymer choices to more specifically meet your applications. Screens or Plates can be ordered with any elastomer, PTFE, or Tuf-Steel. Provide the details of your application or cause of failure and we will determine the material that will perform best. Materials like Tuf-Steel have never before been offered in sanitary filler equipment. Tuf-Steel has the ultimate temperature and steam resistance for use in aseptic processing applications. 

SPS can also mold custom perforated plate and screen sizes into the gasket dimensions that are designed to fit your Evergreen® fittings. Specify the design or let our experts develop your ideal screen or perforated plate gasket.

Screen and Orifice Plate Gaskets
Part No Description
RF3158320 Screen Nozzle Perforated Plate
RF3282724 Screen Nozzle Perforated Plate
RF5903966 Screen Nozzle Gasket Assembly
RF5904054 Screen Nozzle Gasket Assembly
RF5904179 Screen Nozzle Gasket Assembly
RF5904180 Perforated Plate Gasket Assembly
RF5904703 Screen Nozzle Gasket
RF5905060 Screen Nozzle Gasket
RF5905141 Screen Nozzle Gasket-FKM
RF5905141S Screen Nozzle Gasket Silicone
RF5904469 Screen Nozzle Gasket Assembly
RF7150440 Perforated Plate Defoamer
RF7150441 Screen Defoamer