Smart Gasket Thermocouples

Smart Gasket Thermocouple ACC-7001H

Our Commitment Is Certified

We meet the goals and standards set forth by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, Class V1-XXII certification, passes cytotoxicity criteria and complies with Title 21 CFR 177.2600 standards. Our certification is an endorsement of our commitment to provide you with quality products that meet the highest sanitary standards and purity criteria.

NAmSA, a world leader in testing services for the medical device industry, certified our PTFE Teflon, fluoroelastomers, platinum/silicone and EPDM gaskets. You can be assured of our continuous commitment to our superior quality. Our company goal for excellence merits USP Class VI-XXII certification to our products and meets your customer expectations.

Smart Gasket

Smart Gasket's™ value is proven when validating sterility in a high-purity pharmaceutical system. Your standard sanitary flange utilizing the Smart Gasket™ is used to obtain the critical thermal mapping information you need during the validation process.

Smart Gasket™ easily installs between two sanitary standard flanges using the SPS sanitary Smart Clamp to secure the flanges. Our clamp provides up to four internal ports for accepting the Smart Gasket '" thermocouple samples or accessories: i.e. ACC-T or K-199-S-Short Temperature Probe: ACC-T or K-199A-L-Long Temperature Probe.

Choose between Thermocouple Gasket or select the Smart Gasket ™ Spore Trap to securely retain spore challenge test strips. There is also a sampler device available that utilizes standard luer lock fittings. Meter fluids in your process system utilizing a peristaltic pump or with draw samples utilizing our luer lock sampler and luer lock valve or syringe.


  • Use temporarily or permanently without custom thermowells or expensive customs fittings.
  • Easy to expand to multiply system sites.
  • Sanitary without a dead leg.


  • Safe to use.
  • Kase of installation.
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 internal ports available.
  • Sensors seal with gasket compression.
  • User friendly.
  • Reusable.
Smart Gasket with wire probe and thermocouple gasket.

Smart Gasket™ with Smart Clamp is available in 1 / 2 ". 3/4 ". I". 1-1 / 2 " , 2 " . 2-1/2 ". 3 " and 4" sixes and fits standard Tri-Clover'". Top Line '", Waukesha" and (11 " sanitary danges. Choose between ISDA, FD A grade FPDM. platinum-cured silicone. Viton and other elastomers (consult SPS for larger sizes).

Spore Trap

You will never lose spore test strips in your process system again. The Smart Gasket™ with the Spore Trap is designed to securely retain and accurately expose spore challenge test strips for use in steam sterilization when validating. After each validation cycle , the spore trap. with its securely retained test strip can easily be removed and rechallenged.

Combined with the Smart Gasket, Thermocouple Gasket, an accurate integration of sterilization and spore strip is practical. 1,2.3 and 4 internal ports are available when utilizing the spore strip Smart Gasket ™ . All this is accomplished without adding special fittings or weldments and is easily installed into your sanitary systems.

Smart Gasket™ with Spore Trap holder is available with and without a thermocouple port.

Mesh screens are available from 2 m i cron through 10 mesh. Our Fluid Conditioning Gaskets are injection mold. elastomer bonded to the screen and available in 1/2 ", 3/4 ", I", 1 - 1/2 ", 2", 2 - 1/2 " , 3" and 4" sizes.

Criti Clean Pack

We will work with you to develop and supply custom gasket packages and to provide you with exactly the assortment of gaskets needed for equipment setup or maintenance changeouts. Convenient and economical custom kits and packaging are another way our company Is committed to customer satisfaction.

SPS gaskets are WFI cleaned and dried utilizing filtered nitrogen in a Class 100 clean room. Our ready-to-use Criti Clean gasket kit is packaged in a see through "Vis-U-All II" pack equipped with temperature indicator dots that show completed sterilization when steam or gas sterilized.

The Criti Clean Pack is available in a package of 1, 6, 12 or 24 gaskets and can be custom assembled in a kit conforming to your specific changeout requirements. All gasket materials are available in our Criti Clean Pack.

Smart Gasket Criti Clean Pack

Thermocouple Program


Smart Gasket Thermocouple ACC-7001H

Temperature Range
-90° to+400° C
130° to+752°F

Resolution Accuracy
% READING +/-0.7 0 C or 1.3° F.
Accuracy is specified for operating ambient temperature of 23° C +/-5° C

Cold junction error for thermocouples
For operating ambient temperature for 0° C to + 18° C and +28° C to 50° C, and an additional error of +/- 0.03° C or 0.03° F.
Model ACC-7001H is a high-performance, precision hand-held instrument for the measurement of temperature using type T or K thermocouple probes.
This versatile instrument measures temperature in both °C and °F. The internal memory of the micro-computer stores the minimum and maximum measured temperature for instant recall via the LCD display.

Extension Leads

ACC-EXT-6MM Extension Lead
Male to male (sub-miniature type T connectors) 26 gauge. Standard type to thermocouple wire with blue PVC insulation.

Temperature Probe

Temperature probe ACC-K199-AL
ACC-K or T-199 (short)
ACC-K or T-199A (long)
Short & long temperature probe for thermocouple gasket. Copper Constantant female socket and bootie. Specify Kaptan or Teflon when ordering.

Hole Plug

Hole Plug ACC_T_202A
Chrome-plated brass head with stainless steel shaft 1-1/2" long .095 diameter.

Sampling/Injection Tube

ACC_T_202 Sampling/Injection Tube
Chrome-plated brass female luer head with 1-1/2" long stainless hypodermic tube.095 O.D., .071 I.D.


Stopcock for Smart Gasket
To fit sampling/injection tube. Chome-plated brass construction female luer fitting to male luer lock.

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple Wire ACC_KV_10
ACC-T1V-10 and ACC-KV-10
Coated thermocouple wire probe. 10' long with male mini quick disconnect connector for use with thermometer. Specify Kaptan or Teflon when ordering.