Fluoropolymer Tubing (FEP & PFA)

Fluoropolymer tubing offered by SPS is available in FEP and PFA grade. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are chemically inert and non-contaminating, non-soluble, non-adhesive and non-flammable with a temperature stability and flexibility from -275°F to 400°F. Fluoropolymer tubing is also favored for its low dielectric content, low dissipation factor, high surface and volume resistivity, low friction coefficient and resistance to aging, thermal and mechanical shock. FEP tubing meets ASTM D-3296 v.

FEP & PFA are designed for a wide range of corrosive-resistant applications.

The nonstick characteristics of fluoropolymer resins, combined with their low extractable levels and chemically inert nature make FEP & PFA ideal for automotive, electronics, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.

Custom packaging and spooling is available. We stock a variety of custom colors in a natural state.

Tubing Burst Pressure

An approximate value for bust pressure may be calculated using the following formulas.

NOTE: This formula is only valid for values of between 0°F and 500°F

PB = S (OD/ID - 1)
S = X - YT

PB = Burst pressure, psi
S = Material strength, psi
OD = Outer diameter of tubing, in.
ID = Inner diameter of tubing, in.
X = Material constant:
      X (FEP) = 1929
      X (PFA) = 2278
Y = Material constant:
      X (FEP) = 4.285
      X (PFA) = 3.77
T = Maximum temperature of the fluid in tubing, °F

Sizing Table: 
Fluoropolymer Tubing (FEP & PFA) sizing table and data sheet.