Thermoplastic Rubber Tubing (TPR)

Thermoplastic Rubber Tubing (TPR)

Thermoplastic (TPR) rubber tubing offered by SPS is made of first-quality, polypropylene based, thermoplastic rubber (RF-TPR) and is ideal for peristaltic pump uses due to its outstanding compression characteristics and toughness. It is flexible to temperatures approaching –80°F and is available in both FDA & industrial grades. Our Natural 80A material is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51)*

Thermoplastic rubber combines the processability of plastics with the flexibility and durability of rubbers, while more light weight and formable. TPR offers excellent resistance to flex fatigue and tearing, making it an ideal choice for peristaltic pump applications. This FDA material is also suitable for a variety of clean uses and is autoclavable to ensure cleanliness.

Our thermoplastic rubber tubing is now offered in two grades to meet specific applications. FDA grade may be selected from two available durometers - 64A or 80 A — to meet specific user requirements. Black industrial-grade 64A TPR offers good resistance to U.V., ozone, chemicals, and other fluids. It is well suited for outdoor use, and handles applications where oil may splash onto the tubing.

TPR Physical Properties*
  Natural Natural Black
  FDA FDA Ind.
Hardness, Shore A @ 77°F, ±5 64 80 64
Tensile Strength @ 77°F, psi 1000 1600 1000
Elongation at Break, % 400 450 400
Tear Strength @ 77°F, % 10 20 10
Compression Set % @ 77°F after 22 hrs. 22 27 22
Compression Set % @ 212°F after 22 hrs. 34 39 34
Brittle Temperature, °F <-76° -81° <-76°

*Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

Sizing Table: 
Thermoplastic (TPR) rubber tubing sizing table.