ETL-Series Peristaltic Pumps

ETL-400 Peristaltic Pump

ETL200 OEM Peristaltic Pump

ETL200-OEM peristaltic pump for low and accurate flows.

The ETL200 pump is designed to produce a low, accurate flow. The pump head is made of PVDF/KYNAR or Grilamid and can deliver from 0 - 60 ml/min. depending on the configuration.

  • Channels: 1
  • Rollers: 4
  • Min flow rate: 0 ml/min.
  • Max flow rate: 60 ml/min.
  • Max RPM: 200
  • Max pressure: 1 BAR

ETL400 OEM Peristaltic Pump

ETL400-OEM peristaltic pump features east tube loading.

The ETL400 features an annodized aluminum casing and a single channel producing flow rates up to 400 ml/min. and pressures of up to 2.5 BAR. It has a protecting shield that can be removed in one quick simple maneuver to replace the tube. Tube lifetime is optimized by the dual spring loaded occlusion.

  • Channels: 1
  • Rollers: 3, 4, or 6
  • Min flow rate: 0.0025 ml/min.
  • Max flow rate: 400 ml/min.
  • Max RPM: 400
  • Max pressure: 2.5 BAR

ETL600 OEM Peristaltic Pump

ETL600-OEM peristaltic pump with easy tube loading feature.

The ETL600 features the same easy tube replacement feature as the other ETL pumps in this line. A dual spring loaded occlusion optimizes pressure and tube life. The ETL600 features an anodized aluminum head and flow rates of up to 800ml/min. and pressures of up to 2BAR.

  • Channels: 1
  • Rollers: 5
  • Min flow rate: 0.02 ml/min.
  • Max flow rate: 800 ml/min.
  • Max RPM: 400
  • Max pressure: 2.5 BAR