Ester-PUR FLEX 75 PVC Tubing

Ester-PUR FLEX 75 PVC tubing.

PUR FLEX 75 from SPS is clear and flexible Ether based tubing that is resistant to tearing, abrasion, ozone and hydrolytic degradation. It is constructed with pure polyurethane which means it contains no plasticizers and low levels of extractables. This ether based tubing is also flexible at low temperatures making it ideal for a number of applications.

Recommended Applications:
  • High-purity applications
  • Instrumentation
  • Distilled deionized, demineralized or reverse osmosis treated water
  • Handling petroleum-based products
  • Recommended for use with aqueous solutions

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Sizing Table: 
Ester-PUR FLEX 75 sizing table.
Download Sizing Table: