Smooth Bore Fusion Fabrication System

Smooth Bore Fusion Welder.

Smooth Bore Fusion technology from SPS offers a state-of-the-art technique for sanitary process system construction. The tubing weld features a smooth interior surface that eliminates beads, crevices and intrusions into the fluid stream and reduces the area where contaminants and bacteria collect and form. The smooth-inner-bore surface is created when piping material flows over a fluoropolymer support bladder to yield a mirror finish I.D. contact surface. The surface finish of the welded area is typically less than 10 Ra micro inch. No passivation is necessary. Lower pumping requirements and improved system hydraulics are added benefits.

Smooth Bore Fabrication Equipment is reliable and easy to use. Complete training and detailed instruction manuals are provided. In addition, an excellent technical support team is only a call or fax away.


This System is designed for use with 3/4 through 3-inch (19.0- through 76.2-mm) sanitary tubing in the following materials:

  • Natural polypropylene
  • High-density polyethylene
  • PVDF

Smooth. connections conform to all USDA, 3A and USP Class VI requirements for use in pharmaceutical, biotech and ultra high-purity water applications and can be used with food products.

Easy to Use

Fusion Equipment is a pre-programmed, field-adjustable unit that automatically controls and monitors the process for simple operation and consistent results:

  • Fusion temperature and duration time for the welding procedure are pre-set
  • Cool-down ramp temperatures and duration time (Stress Relief Process) provide a weld area that is stronger than the pipe
  • Fluoropolymer support bladder helps produce a smoother weld I.D. and surface
  • Warm-up time relative to ambient conditions provides identical starting times and temperatures for each weld
  • Thermocouple hysteresis and continuity provides uniformity during the heating and welding process

The system is designed for an optional computer interface to record and print full validation information, including time and temperature weld curve, complete weld parameters, material confirmation, equipment serial numbers, date and time of weld, operator's identification and unique weld tag numbers.

Equipment Specifications
Control Box Weld Head
  • Height, in./mm: 8.5/215.9
  • Width, in./mm: 13/330.2
  • Depth, in./mm: 14/355.6
  • Weight, lbs: 17.75/8.05
  • Height, in./mm: 8.5/215.9
  • Width, in./mm: 5/127.0
  • Depth, in./mm: 8.5/215.9
  • Weight, Ibs./kg: 14.75/6.69
Features Features
  • On/Off Controls
  • Pressure Indication
  • Warning Light and Alarm
  • Material Selector Pad
  • Time/Temperature Indication Switch
  • Power Cable
  • 3/4 through 3-inch
  • Locking Clamp

Smooth Bore Fusion Welding Procedure

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 1 - Prepare the pipe ends.
Prepare the pipe ends.

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 2 - Insert the air line.
Insert the air line.

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 3 - Position the pipe ends.
Position the pipe ends.

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 4 - center the pipe in the weld head.
Center the pipe in the weld head.

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 5 - select the pre-programmed welding protocol.
Select the pre-programmed welding protocol.

Smooth Bore Fusion Step 6 - The completed weld is virtually stress-free for long service life.
The completed weld is virtually stress-free for long service life.