Micro Size Tubing and Fittings

SPS Sanitary Micro Systems are based on the time-proven characteristics of a family of pharmaceutical-quality polymers and elastomers, and have been put to the test by the world's leading Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Instrumentation & Equipment Manufacturing Companies. In fact, many of the individual system components have been designed to address our client's most demanding application requirements, and guarantee complete
"Systems Responsibility."

SPS's Micro Tubing can be used in a system with a wide range of Unitized Sanitary Ends & Ferrules, Clamps, Gaskets, Manifolds, Elbows, Tees, Ys, End Caps, Reducers, and Adapters. Our Sanitary Micro Systems also include Luer Locks, Polysulfone Sight Glasses, Pressure Gauges, Static Mixers and Valves in many configurations.

In-field requirements and maintenance can be addressed with SPS's innovative Labtop Fabrication Equipment. These user-friendly devices greatly facilitate both on-the-spot maintenance, standard and custom micro fabrications.