Rigid Tubing and Fittings

SPS gives the research and development professional, system designer, process engineer and bio-engineers a freedom of choice. SPS offers a complete program of Sanitary Processing Systems and components. This includes fabrication equipment for field installations as well as small scale Labtop systems for research and process development. These products are manufactured with time proven materials like polypropylene and Kynar PVDF all of which meet (and/or) surpass FDA, USDA, 3A, and USP standards and regulations. Our simplicity in design along with our field friendly fabrication equipment will help you implement your unique situation. SPS's Sanitary Products are designed to fully integrate with other SPS offerings. Including:

  • Sanitary gooseneck faucets
  • A full array of flexible PVC platinum cured reinforced silicone, rubber and fluoropolymer lined hose assemblies
  • Sanitary designed non-metallic tanks and bioprocess vessels
  • Silicone and Tygon tubing

Most components are reusable and reconfigurable. Complete process control is gained through simplicity of design, consistency of contact surface, as well as uniformity of flow criteria within all flexible and rigid products. If you have a demanding application and cannot find the right product within this catalog, please contact us to discuss it! SPS specializes in solving these unique application and process problems allowing you to "come through clean".