Silicone AME Clamp

AME Clamp

The AME-Clamp is a uniquely designed closure for tubing or hose that requires higher clamp pressures. Can be utilized with a variety of tubing and hose sizes. Quickly installed with a positive swing-away locking screw.

Smooth contours provide cleanability. Clamp may be autoclaved or gamma irradiated. It is also resistant to most chemicals and can be completely disassembled without the use of tools.

Due to unique durability characteristics, the Ame-Clamp may be continually reused.

The Ame-Clamp is lightweight as well as offering durability, high-strength, and compatibility with online applications.

Heavy Duty
High-strength polymer technology with a unique design that allows the Ame-Clamp to be utilized in a variety of applications from tubing to hose. Meets working pressure of tubing and hose.

AME-Clamp General Specifications

Recommended tubing and hose materials
  • Silicone
  • Amepreme
  • C-Flex
  • PVC
Material: Polysulfone
  • Autoclavable up to 30 cycles
  • Gamma Radiate up to 50 kilograys
  • FDA compliant material
Recommended tubing and hose range
  • Unreinforced tubing from .090 to .190 wall thickness
  • Reinforced braided hose from .090 to .180 wall thickness

AME Clamp Detail