Silicone Pure Connect Manifold

Silicone Pure Connect Manifold

Custom Transfer Line Assemblies & High Volume Sampling

Pure Connect manifold assembly.SPS now offers pre-packaged solutions for high purity transfer lines & sampling. The Pure-Connect line of custom bioprocess tubing assemblies offers the end user flexibility while streamlining the fluid transfer procedure. Due to rising costs of manufacturing and the stringent cGMP standards for product contact components, the Pure-Connect system was designed for the BioTech and Pharmaceutical industries.

The logistics of coordinating many vendors and the labor associated with tube set assembly consumes precious manufacturing time & resources. By combining a complete disposable fluid system, the customer has a single point of origin that allows full traceability. This minimizes cost to the user and reduces down time while eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

The Pure-Connect offers a number of combinations utilizing SPS tubing, the highest quality barb free tube connections, filtration, non-metallic storage containers, and tube connecting technology. Any combination of these parts is supplied as a customized package, fully backed by SPS's total quality and traceability. This approach of a total package offers Bioprocessing personnel, expertise in connective and fluid handling materials allowing them to focus on their main function of manufacturing.

Applications Include:

  • Sterile Media Transfer Waste Collection
  • Harvest Additions
  • Nutrient Feed Sampling

Configuration Options

Tubing:Pure Connect Manifold drawing.

  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Amepreme TPR ELP
  • Extended life pump tubing
  • Custom formulations


  • Crevice free molded silicone
  • Molded "T's"
  • Molded "Y's"


  • Molded sanitary ferrules
  • Hose barb
  • Quick Disconnects


  • Collection Bags
  • Glass Bottles
  • Syringes
  • Centrifuge Tubes

Pure Connect Manifold assembly.