Convoluted Black Conductive PTFE Hose with Polypropylene Braided Cover (CTLPPB)

Convoluted Black Conductive PTFE Hose with Polypropylene Braided Cover (CTLPPB)

Convoluted low-profile PTFE lined hose with braided blue polypropylene cover


Seamless Black Conductive Convoluted PTFE


Braided Blue Polypropylene


-20°F to 212°F


The CTLPPB convoluted teflon hose from SPS features a low profile, convoluted, black conductive PTFE inner core to reduce static discharge. The low profile reduces drag and turbulence in the fluid flow, and allows for easy cleaning. The outer core is bonded with a PTFE fiberglass braid, and overbraid with a twisted polypropylene monofilaments for increased abrasion and chemical-resistance. This Teflon hose does not conduct heat as quickly as hoses with metallic braids. The CTLPPB Teflon hose is suitable for use with most substances and is robust enough to be used in most industrial applications.

Available in bulk or fabricated assemblies.

* Note: Black carbon filled liner does not meet 3A, FDA and USDA requirements.


Suitable applications include cosmetics, hot clean-in-place (Cip) solutions, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing, and even low pressure steam applications.

Hose Fittings

  • Broad variety of hose fittings in 316L Stainless Steel, PTFE encapsulated or non-metallic materials
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel Fittings Available
  • Crimped fittings available in other high quality alloys
  • Available with laser etched date or customer part number on crimp collars
CTLPPB Hose Sizing Table
Part Number Hose ID Inch Hose OD Inch Bend Radius Inch Max. Working Pressure @70°F PSIG Vacuum Rating @70°F   in. Hg. Weight per FT
08RFCTLPPB 0.47 0.86 2 475 FULL 0.10
12RFCLTPPB 0.72 1.16 2.8 425 FULL 0.18
16RFCTLPPB 0.97 1.44 4 375 FULL 0.26
24RFCTLPPB 1.54 2.16 6 325 FULL 0.46
32RFCTLPPB 1.97 2.56 7.5 275 FULL 0.52
48RFCTLPPB 2.91 3.92 14 225 CF* 1.12
64RFCTLPPB 3.94 5.22 16 100 CF* 1.98
*CF=Consult Factory
Download Sizing Table: