Flare-Thru-Flange Sight Flow Indicator (ST/STC)

Flare-Thru-Flange Sight Flow Indicator

Translucent FEP fluoropolymer material offers numerous advantages with a see-through transparency.

These sight-flow indicators are available with flanged (ANSI B16.5 lap joint style) class 150# epoxy coated flanges as standard; optional 316 L class 150# flanges are available. The Flare-Thru flanged unit features a non entrapment flared-over design. The tube is manufactured with a heavy gauge FEP fluoropolymer that will not break in high stress or cold temperature environments. This feature also means that there is no need for bulky protective sheaths or supporting bolts... units take up less space and weigh less.

FEP fluoropolymer is a non-aging, non-yellowing material with a non-stick surface that cleans easily and promotes minimal pressure drop. Sight Flow Indicators will not add taste or colour to your product/system.

Minimum Overall length flange x Flange (Flare-Thru)
1/2" -2" ID- 10" face to face 2 1/2"-4" ID- 12" face to face

Flare-thru-flange sight flow indicator sizing table.

Caged sight guage.

Translucent FEP fluoropolymer Sight gauge with stainless steel sanitary crimp style end connections or Flare-Thru 150# flanged fittings. Stainless Steel tubes are supplied with 3/8" wide slotted windows 2" long.

Lengths Available
Custom lengths available up to 48" maximum.

Caged Sight Flow Indicators with FEP tube. Caged units are available with Flare-Thru flanged fittings or Crimp Style sanitary clamp style ends. Translucent FEP heavy wall tube features (shown on Sight Flow Indicator Specifications) with the added safety feature afforded by the addition of a reinforcing tube of stainless steel. Caged assemblies are available with 304 or 316 stainless steel heavy wall tube with machined 2" long by 3/8" wide viewing windows 90 degrees apart that allow for easy through viewing. A slight over- lap of viewing areas from one level of windows to the next eliminates "dead" spots, accurate level calculations are assured, Caged assemblies are available with either Flare-Thru, 150# flanged ends or 316 SS sanitary Clamp Style ends. Flanged units are supplied with 150# 316 SS Lap-Joint flanges standard. Caged Sight Flow indicators provide higher working pressures at elevated temperatures. See chart below for maximum pressure rating and correction factors at temperatures other than ambient.

Flare-thru-flange sight flow indicator specifications